Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Will the Perfect Mommy Please Stand Up?

Saturday was my nephew Liam's birthday party. It was at 1 of those indoor gym places with tons of slides, bridges, tunnels, & all that other fun stuff that kids love & parents can barely fit through (Makutu's Island for those of you who live in Arizona). Well, while getting the girls ready I laid Asher down to change her diaper & bumped her head slightly. A total accident, but I felt so bad. Later on at the playland Aidann & I went to go down a seemingly innocent slide. Well, when we initally started down she was in my lap, but somewhere in the middle of this freakishly fast slide I lost her & she zoomed ahead of me. She shot out of the tunnel so fast & landed on the mat a few seconds ahead of me. She wasn't hurt, but a lil' startled. I once again felt so badly.I definitely think I am my toughest critic.I tend to be pretty hard on myself when I make mistakes. Maybe 1 day I don't get to play with the girls as much as I would like, or our morning routine doesn't run as smoothly as it should, maybe 1 day I am a lil' less patient with the kiddos or Jay, maybe I don't get the house cleaned up completely, or dinner cooked. I tell you, I obsess over it. I honestly just want to be the best mommy/wife possible & when I see an area where I am not quite where I want to be yet it annoys me. I completely forget to look at what I am doing right, ya know? Which I think a lot of mommies tend to do. We need to just stop & take a deep breath sometimes & stop being so hard on ourselves. We aren't perfect, but as long as we are trying our best & making the steps to improve each & every day then that's what counts! We will never "arrive" & the fact that we want to be even better/improve says a whole lot about what type of mommy or daddy you are. Its not a mistake or by chance that you are your child's parent-You were chosen specifically & for a reason so don't doubt yourself!We can do it!-M&M Momma

Checking out
the fish!
Climbing the longest
ladder ever. Haha!
She did

Austin posing
with Papa
Birthday Boy!

with Papa!

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