Monday, October 10, 2011

Super Mom!

I have definitely had a lot on my plate recently,  3 lil' girls birthdays coming soon & the added "fun" of pregnancy exhaustion & morning noon & night "sickness" have added a lil' weight (But I have never been happier & would not have it any other way). At the end of the day when I finally reach my bed sometimes I can't help but think back through my day & everything I didn't get done. I think a lot of us mommies do that. There is still dishes in the sink, a few loads of laundry, maybe you didn't get as much one on one time with your kids as you would have liked or whatever. Sometimes I think that mommies are their own toughest critics. We meditate to much on shortcomings rather than all of the things we are getting accomplished each limited 24 hour day. We need to cut ourselves some slack sometimes & quit beating ourselves up.Sometimes if you have younger kids & maybe a husband who works a lot then you might not be getting as much verbal gratitude as you might need or want, but know that the long term pay off for all the hard work you do put in & for what you are accomplishing is an investment in some very important lil' peoples' futures.Why do we try to define Super Mom as this unattainable woman who has an absolutely spotless house, meals cooked on time every single night, & never has a bad day? That is ridiculous. We do need to have goals & work towards improvement always, but we can't let it control so much that we can't pat ourselves on the back for a second for what we have done thus far? Super Mom to me is a mommy who puts her very best in every day at being a mommy. It doesn't always mean a spotless house, because often times we need to stop & put that stuff on the back burner & prioritize what matters the most-Our Kids. They are only going to be kids for a second & they aren't so much going to remember or care how many dishes were left in the sink compared to how much time you played with them, read them a story, or simply stopped to have a talk with them. These are moments we can't get back.So yes, make your list for the day & cross off as much as you can, but don't beat yourself up if by the end of the day not everything is completely finished. Focus on the full & what you did get done, look at those the lil' smiles on those kids faces as they sleep knowing that you invested what you needed to & could. Don't be afraid to take a night off for a date with the husband every once & awhile because you need it & it makes life a lot better for everyone. You are a Super Mom because you care so much & because you strive to be better!-M&M Momma


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