Thursday, October 27, 2011

Celery Hair

Well, for anyone who has been reading this blog for a good amount of time you probably already know we do not feed the girls any type of peanut products. But no, they do not have to miss out on those classic childhood peanut butter staples thanks to sunflower butter! Well, they have already had a few of the fun things like "pb&j", apple & sun-butter, crackers & sun-butter, & etc. But I have really been wanting to make them "ants on a log" for the longest time. You know, celery with the spread & lil' raisins on top representing the ants. Well, I made a few of them & presented them to the girls. I eagerly waited to see what their reactions would be. Asher liked it & Aidann seemed to as well until suddenly she had a revelation. "Mommy, I really like celery, but I just do not prefer the celery hair part". I know,"? What!?".First of all, we do not let our children say flat out that they do not like something because that is rude, hence the "I do not prefer". Secondly, if you have ever had celery then you know sometimes when you bite into it, it kind of tears off in a way that kind of does look like hair. Aidann would take a bite & then peel off the "hair" before going in for another 1. Kids are so funny. So, the final verdict is that she likes celery, just not the celery "hair".
-M&M Momma
My Loves!
What could be better? (aside from adding a few more lol)
Kids are usually begging to
get out of the crib but mine always
want to go back in.
Even after big girl beds! lol
"Celery Hair"

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