Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pregnancy Sweetness

As anyone mommy knows, when you are pregnant, cravings are a huge thing. We want the most random stuff & can't even give you a real logical explanation why (side note: cold watermelon sounds really good right now & scalloped potatoes...not together of course). Anyway, randomly while Jay was at work 1 day I texted him that I was craving taco flavored Dorito chips. I have no clue why. He texted me back an "Okay" like any wise husband would. Of course I interpret that okay as: "I will handle it, Baby. Anything you want, you got it!". Anyway, by the time he got home the next day I had totally forgotten about it. We went to swimming lessons as usual & both girls did well, Aidann earned another ribbon! We decided to go to Dunkin to celebrate. They chowed down those glazed doughnuts like there was no tomorrow. Then Justin said he had to stop at the store really fast to pick up something for 1 of his buddies. Nothing out of the usual. Anyway, less than 5 minutes later Jay comes out of the store with his arms loaded up with every bag of Doritios possible. We are talking Salsa Verde, classic nacho, & the list goes on & on. How sweet. I didn't even think he remembered. I was really excited on 1 hand, but on the other I was worried that I would end up scarfing down all the bags by myself.
The next bit of pregnancy sweetness occured last night. About an hour before the girls' bedtime I sent Jay out on a few much needed errands (baby food, water, laundry deteregent, etc). Well, Jay took a lot longer to run these errands than I would have expected, but when he finally did return home, he came bearing gifts! Out of the blue he took it upon himself to get Asher these adorable wooden cars puzzles (Yes she is a girl but YES she still loves Cars), Aidann this sweet Disney princess book, & for me a new flattering outfit for my slightly expanding figure & a several flats (which I totally live in during pregnancies). I know as a woman we are supposed to expect these types of gestures from or husands, but to me it never gets old & is every so flattering!
So, that ends it for my pregnancy sweetness for this week, but I must give a shout out to my wonderful husband. Thank you for all you do & sticking with me through these now 4 pregnacies with a genuine smile on your face. I appreciate you & love you so! Kisses! Night everyone.
-M&M Momma

So proud of her ribbon

Ashy was proud too!

Sporting her favorite princess, of course!!!

Almost walking....

3 lil' ladies.
Love, love, love!

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