Monday, October 24, 2011

The Crayola Crook & Deodorant Obsessed

Kids go through some of the craziest stages. Some annoying, some cute, & some just plain hard to forget. Right now Asher & Austin are going through 2 unique phases.
The Crayola Crook:
I swear, Austin must have a Crayola radar built in somewhere that I have yet to discover. If there is a crayola crayon, pencil, or marker anywhere in her vicinity she will seek & retrieve it immediately. Even if I think I have cleaned up absolutely everything, she still sometimes manages to pull on out of somewhere. Austin is sooo obedient for an under 1 year old, it amazes me, but this Crayola obsession has really challenged her. She knows not to touch, she knows just what will happen every time, but sometimes she'll just grab that lil' bad boy anyway & take off like lightning! Its not even that she wants to stick them in her mouth or anything, she just wants to hold them close, it is the strangest thing. Lol. Yes, this phase can be a lil' challenging to deal with at times. Disciplining that lil' sweet faced Munchkin for this act so frequently, but I will miss it.
The Deoderant Obsessed:Right now Asher is going through a total parent-obsession phase. She loves doing everything with her baby dolls that mommy does, loves playing family with her dollhouse, & absolutely loves her new prince daddies lol! But her greatest obssession seems to come from wanting to mimic the things I do right now, especially putting on deoderant. When she wakes up in the morning, 1st thing she asks for some deoderant. Right after a bath, it is once again deoderant time. After she gets out of the pool, where is "odorant"?. Of course I don't actually put the deodorant on a lil' 2 year old, I just keep the lid on & pretend to rub it in her lil' armpits & she is just over the moon about it every time. Lol.

Time flies so fast & I just love all these lil' stages that make each kid different & unique. Sure some phases can be a lil' less glamourous than others, but challenges make us stronger, right? Well, have an awesome night all! Hope you had a lovely weekend!!!

-M&M Momma
At a conference this weekend

My "Odorant" Monster

The Crayola Crook

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