Monday, October 17, 2011

Watch Yourself

I've said it before & I will say it again, our kids are always watching us & taking things in whether we like it or not. They truly are "mini-me's" talking, walking, & acting like what they have grown up seeing-both good & bad. This is definitely a huge responsibility & we constantly need to remind ourselves to make better choices & clean up our acts.
Aidann & Asher got 1 of those big motorized Hummers for their birthday, pink of course. Well, we had it sitting out in 1 of their playrooms after the party until we would actually have time to take them outside to drive it around. Well, the girls love this thing. 1st thing after breakfast they grabbed their dollies & new sunglasses & hoped right in. We obviously would not let them drive it inside the house, but they loved just sitting in it & messing with its radio. After about 15 or 20 minutes I went into the playroom to play with them for awhile. Still chilling in the Hummer, I noticed Aidann would turn the radio on full blast then turn it all the way down & say something before once again turning it all the way back up. She did this a few times & finally I just had to ask her, "What are you doing?". She replied, "Being like you mommy". It took me a moment to catch on when finally I noticed the next time she turned the music down she was saying a lil' prayer just like I do on our morning car rides with the family. How powerful. That definitely made reminded me that kids are always paying attention & taking in everything.
That of course was an example of my lil' one mimicking something good I do, but unfortunately I still have some things to work on & lil' habits to cut out. For example, the other day Aidy & Asher were playing in the Princess Playroom with Austin (this is where we keep all the extremely girly toys). Well, I was in the middle of sneaking up the stairs to check on them when I heard Aidann let out a lil' growl under her breath. I guess she was frustrated withe getting some dolls shoe on or something. I swear to you I let out that same exact under the breath growl when I get frustrated while trying to do something that proves to be difficult. Some may say, "No big deal", but quite frankly I don't like it. I could be teaching her to say instead something like, "I can do this" or "I need to be patient".
We are raising up the next generation & we should not take that lightly. We can't be hypocrites. We got o practice what we are teaching them. Gosh, I have heard it way too many times were we teach our kids how they need to receive a compliment, say "thank you", but then when someone pays us a compliment on maybe our outfit or the state of our house we will say "thank you" but then take on an excuse that basically shuts down the compliment we were just given. For example, someone might say "Wow, your new haircut looks great" & we reply back "Oh, thank you, but she went a lil' shorter than I wanted". Why do we feel that is so necessary to do? I catch myself sometimes wanting to do it & quite frankily I have to tell myself to "stop & shut up". I remember a time or 2 when Justin would come home from work in the morning & say something like, "The house looks great, Babe" & I would automatcially want to say something like, "Thank you, but I didn't get to the dishes yet" or something. We need to set that great example for our kids, even when it is super hard.
Often times I sadly hear of children being in living situations where maybe 1 parent does not take this responsibility as serious as the other parent. Sometimes the other parent is actually sabotaging the good characteristics & habits you are trying to impart into your kids right behind you, intentionally or not. I would like to tell that person it is all going to be okay & work out in the end, but statistically the chances are very slim & not in your favor. However, I will NOT say impossible. God is bigger than that. If you do have the ability to help your children & change some of those circumstances then I hope you do. Try to sit the other parent down, not in front of the kids, & talk to them about it. Don't attack them or put them down, but rather try to approach the situation by letting them know that "you both are on the same team" & "they play a very important part & you need their help".  BUT for more serious situations where talking is no longer an option where maybe alcohol is involved, physical, or verbal abuse then it is your duty as a parent to take immediate action for your own sake & your children.
Being a parent is the very best job ever & can definitely be the most rewarding if you put in the time & effort that it requires & deserves. Having great kids is not impossible to achieve, but it does take a lot of work. Have a great night all & take care!

-M&M Momma

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