Thursday, March 14, 2013

1st Soccer Practice!

It has definitely been awhile. Daddy has been working a lil' extra with all the spring training games lately, but I have finally found a quick minute to myself to squeeze in a new post!

Today was my oldest daughter's first soccer practice, SO fun. All the practicing & prep talk definitely paid off & she went out on the field so confident-like she had been playing for years! I definitely was that mom on the sidelines recording & taking pictures of every single thing from group huddles to drills to water breaks-lol. Hey, they only have their 1st practice once! Daddy, sisters, & grandparents all gathered on the sidelines to cheer our lil' athletic princess on!!! I am very excited for her first game & excited for the other ladies to get in on the action next season!

Oh, earlier in the day we had a doctor's appointment for Adley & you know what that means----LaMar's Donuts! All the girls walked in there like true vets & quickly & confidently made their selections. Asher picked the biggest & messiest donut she could possibly find. I have to post a video of her eating it because her eyes got SO huge with each bite-lol. They even insisted on buying some donuts for their beloved Dr, ha ha. Sweet kiddos!

-M&M Momma

Ready for soccer!

Getting geared up

Cheering Aidann on!

Girl got skills!

Taking a break on the

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