Thursday, March 14, 2013

School Room Complete + Categorizing & Sequencing Lesson Plan

Although we have been doing school work all along, this week was our first time conducting lessons in the new school room because-ITS DONE! The girls were so excited about every lil' new thing & even after school lessons were finished each day, begged for more work! Heck ya!

Our featured words/skills for this week & next week (for the 2 older girls) are "sequencing" & "categorizing". Both of these skills are very important for kiddos to start learning the basics of starting in kindergarten.

To introduce "sequencing", I decided to start with a story because that is a huge part of sequencing, retelling events in the order that they occurred. After reading the story aloud, I had the ladies take turns orally telling me what occurred in the story. I made sure to highlight words like "first", "second", "third" & other words that help to identify order.

Next, I did an activity with the girls (one on one) where I took different short stories that had been mixed up & had them put them in the right order. For example, one story had 4 pictures of a kid with dirty hands in 1 picture, the kid scrubbing hands with soap, the kid rinsing their hands, & then the kid drying their hands. The pictures were all mixed up & the girls had to think the situation through using their logic & experience to figure out the correct order. They really liked this activity & now that they have all the sequencing terms down better, I have a few more fun things in store for the rest of our sequencing lessons!

For "categorizing", after explaining the word, I started out by dumping some manipulatives on the floor of various colors & shapes. I then asked one of the girls to categorize the manipulatives. They could do it by colors or shapes, they had free reign! This teaching I also did individually with each child. After they finished, I had them explain the reasoning behind their sorting. After that we did a fun activity where I had a furniture store paper & a grocery store paper. I asked them what types of things they see in each store based off their own experiences of what they have seen or even purchased with mommy & daddy. They really liked how it was personal. I then took different pictures of food & furniture that I had cut out & let them categorize them into each store. This is a fun way to have them practice sorting without even realizing it is schoolwork. Again, super excited for them to see what else is in store for this mini-unit.

Well, I will post more activities tomorrow on these two vocabulary terms/skills if you are interested. Night all!!!

-M&M Momma

Outside the school room,
I made an area to display
more work.

Aussie practicing "alike & different"

paperwork from:
"Sing Spell Read & Write"

Sequencing practice

We thought it would be cool to
throw rocks in the water
& watch the SPLASHES!

Bigger rocks, bigger splashes!

Showing Adley their treasures!

Taking rocks home to color

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