Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Incredible You...

While taking a moment out to check in on my Facebook, I found a great picture to start out this blog with...

I think so often as mommies/wives we have 1 picture in our heads about how things should be or should go, but in reality it is not always so seamless & "perfect". While we should strive for BIGGER & better things in our lives daily, we can't let it trip us up or make us feel like failures when those days come where things fall a lil' short. Tomorrow is a new day!!! If we hold on to old baggage, it can trip us up & hold us back from being the best we can & WILL be!

-M&M Momma

Sleeping on dad after
a long day

Chomping down on
her teething cookie

"So over this teething thing, Mama"

Working at choosing joy,
first signs of a tooth

They said we needed to make
pregnant bellies
in order to eat they special
avacado soup they were
go figure.

First thing in the morning
they decided to create their
own art gallery with
their masterpieces &

Later on,
they decided to
wear it instead, lol.

Pure joy!

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