Monday, March 18, 2013


Siblings are going to fight, it's normal, but what we define as acceptable ways to disagree & completely unacceptable is vital! I think all mothers long to create a strong family unit, but often times they are setting themselves up for failure by the way they let their kids talk/treat each other & their parents for that matter.

I think at 1 point we have all overheard siblings arguing in a store & there is the mother about to tear her hair out, helplessly threatening them left & right-Well, that situation was not created overnight. It all starts when they are young, with those small disagreements about a toy being "Mine" or "I was there first!?!". Hitting, name calling, & yelling should definitely not be acceptable ways for our kiddos to communicate with each other (or anyone). When you overhear your lil' ones fighting & things are not being productively resolved, that is our chance to step in to not just solve it for them, but help them learn how to work their way through the problem to find a resolution. We need to teach our children to respect each other & "use their words". Sharing & taking the time to think & care for 1 another are the things we need to focus on nurturing in them.

Let me just say, if you have been letting things slide with your kids & the way they are allowed to communicate with each other, do not beat yourself over the head, just make the steps towards changing it! Apologize to your kids for letting them treat each other so disrespectfully, but also let them know that those times are over & things are about to change.

As a final note, siblings can always find something small to argue over, but as parents sometimes there are things we can unintentionally do to spur on extra conflict. Things like comparing siblings to 1 another or showing favoritism can start to brew feelings of resentment between siblings, the exact opposite way to create a strong family unit. We need to instead focus on celebrating our kids as individuals & let them know that they each have something special & unique to offer to the team (the family). If we all work together & bring our best to the table, we can accomplish anything as a family-Together!

-M&M Momma

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