Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adley Update-Almost 1!

So, my lil' Adley Sarah is on the brink of turning 1 years old in a month!? Time definitely flies by way too quickly. Just last week my 11 month old's 1st teeth finally made their long awaited appearance, the bottom 2. How did I find out? While feeding her some snacks I stuck my finger a lil' too close to her mouth & BAM! Those lil' babies can hurt, lol.

"Bear" is also crawling like crazy these days, I had no idea lil' legs/knees could move so fast. I swear, turn your head for 1 second & she is out of there! Stair climbing, couch climbing, people climbing, attempts to walk & roll are also some of her new obsessions. This lil' 16 pounder thinks she is all grown already. At times like this I am glad we will have our carpet for a few more months with all the daring acrobatic attempts she is trying these days.

Adley has a couple words out there & loves blowing kisses, sticking out her tongue, & waving. Also, 1 of her newly acquired nicknames is "the human vacuum". This kid will find anything, big or small, to put in her mouth. The mini police ladies & I are constantly on high alert. We are working on breaking this lil' habit, but it also brings me to the topic of tonight's post...

TESTING. Its just in a kiddo's nature to try & test the boundaries & make sure we are constantly on our game as parents. Recently, Adley has become obsessed with crayons. By now she knows very well that they are not allowed in her mouth, but that has not stopped her for trying. Sometimes she will seriously crawl over to a crayon, look up to see if we are looking & then stick it in her mouth as quickly as possible as she tries to dart away. Not just sometimes, every time, I have to discipline her for it. She knows EXACTLY what she is doing.

It is amazing how easy it is to underestimate babies at this age, but if we do, the joke is on us. They are so smart & aware, genius even. They know who to turn to to get what they want, the exact type of look to put on their face to try & melt your heart, & everything. Fortunately, this momma is on to it by now & I know just what she is up to. There have been some days where 10-15 times in a row Adley decides to be stubborn & will attempt the same exact crayon heist over & over again, but she is quickly learning that I will not back down (even if I don't feel like). I have to toughen up (hide the urge to laugh) & let her know that "No" means just that-NO! She is sweet as can be, but that lil' mama does have that lil' spice to her that can definitely be something powerful when steered in the right direction. With consistency, there are now more times where she will crawl up to a crayon & you can tell she is debating on grabbing it, but then she will decide to overcome the temptation (consequences not worth it) & crawl on to find something else to do. I am telling you, kids are AMAZING lil' geniuses!

I love my lil' Adley Sarah & I am looking forward to celebrating this huge milestone of turning 1 years old. I can't believe that it was just a year ago I was on total bedrest & facing the most challenging time of my life & her I am now surrounded such wonderful blessings everywhere that I turn!

-M&M Momma


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