Thursday, July 21, 2011

In an Instant

Today as we pulled up to Gymboree for the girls' classes, we couldn't help but notice all the firetrucks, police tape, ambulances, & huge crowds of people gathered outside the Safeway next store. Apparently, a young woman had been hit by a truck while innocently making her way out of the store, towards her car. The incident thus far has been deemed an accident, but the woman was in critical condition & flown to the nearest hospital the last thing I heard.

That has to be the saddest thing, this woman was just shopping for groceries for 1 moment & then her very life hanging in the balance in another. Is she married? Does she has kids? From this accident many people's lives are going to dramatically change forever. And then what about the man who accidentally hit her? He is most likely devastated as well. Probably woke up like any other day, never dreaming something like this could happen to him.

Am I preaching here that we need to live a life in absolute fear & worry, expecting the absolute worse to happen to us? Absolutely not! I am saying that we need to appreciate every single moment we have in this life to the very fullest. Embrace those you love & give nothing short of your everything to every single day you have.

I am so determined to do this parenting thing coffee & caffeine beverage free (Just a personal thing), not always that easy. I am telling you there are days where I just want to plop myself on the couch & claim I just DO NOT have the energy, but all I have to do is take 1 look at those lil' girls faces & I remind myself that they deserve my very best every day, not just some days. Do I have some days where that is more easily said than done? You bet! Do I have days where I could have done the whole thing a lil' better? Oh yes. But I just have to throw those not so great days in the past & try harder the next day.

We are so blessed to have the absolute honor of being parents. Kids grow so fast & we just have to do our very best to soak in everything. Taking pictures & videotaping definitely play huge roles in my personal life to assist me in doing this to my highest ability, but I still feel like I can't possible capture or appreciate each moment enough. Life is an amazing gift & having wonderful people to share it with makes it that much more precious & worth everything!!!

-M&M Momma

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