Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Motherhood, What an Honor it is

Its never ceases to amaze me, the things a mother is willing to do for her kids. You hear stories of women literally picking up vehicles, traveling miles & miles to get their children to safety,  & even giving up their very own life for their kids. I remember 1 story I heard on Extreme Makeover or something like that where a huge tornado came & there was no time to get to any real saftey & the mother literally used her body to shield her 2 lil' boys as the whole house collapsed around me. She lived & her kids were just fine, but for the rest of her life she will be confined to a wheelchair. Most moms won't even take a second thought when ask to choose between their own wants & needs versus their children. Let me emphasize MOST. Like with everyhting, there is always an exception to every rule. But we will touch on that later.

I remember the moment I held Aidann in my arms for the 1st time. I could literally feel my heart swell up with a love like I had never experienced before. It hurt so bad I turned to my mother & proclaimed I was officially done having kids. Immediately upon holding that child, my motherly instincts immediately kicked in. Let someone even try to hurt this lil' one & see what happens. I told her I was done having kids because I could not imagine having more than 1 extension of my heart out there. I knew there pain would be my pain, their sadness my sadness, their anger my anger. But I also realized that their happiness would be my happiness. That there would never be anyone who could love or need me more than this sweet & innocent bundle of joy in my arms. Yes, they could also hurt me deeper than anyone else in the world, but the good so far out weighs the bad.

For most people, having kids just changes their whole entire world & outlook on life-How could it not? This amazing lil' piece you roaming the world that would not be here if you had not have choosen to carry it 9 months (more than half a year). As much as I would love to believe that everyone needs to have a child & experience this great joy, I have realized sadly that it is not for everyone out there. It is a sad thought, but true just the same. Not everyone should have a lot of children. I love my 3 lil' girls, but could not even imagine being done already. If I could have a million & meet all of their needs (enough love, attention, money, etc), I most definitely would. But a lot of children also is not for everyone.

I see some people who have been thrown into parenthood (didn't plan on it, but it happened) & some gladly embrace it while others obviously would rather be living another life. I met women who have seen the pain of other women who cannot bear children of their own & so they gladly do it for them. I have seen some admit parenting is not for them & put their baby up for adoption & it is better for everyone involved. I have seen some have kid after kid even though they can't really handle it financially or in any other way & all suffer for it. I have even known the mothers who no matter how badly they want it, they just can't get pregnant & it tears them up inside. I have seen single mothers struggling just to make it day to day. I have seen just over the top amazing mothers (my mom definitely fits in this category) who choose to give up absolutely everything to make sure their children live the fulliest & richest (beyond monetary value) lives possible!

Motherhood is an amazing & extremely hard venture, not for the faint of heart. It takes putting your own wants, needs, & desires aside & putting your childrens' 1st-Although, not everyone chooses to do it this way. It is a huge responsibility that should not be taken lightly at all! You are raising a piece of the future, thats heavy. There are some days I can just feel so overwhelmed by it all-Am I doing enough? Is each child getting enough love/attention? And the list goes on & on & on. But even though motherhood is this extremely huge thing, it is not impossible. Thank God there is much mercy & grace. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it whether its for some advice or just for a lil' break. I think moms (parents) need to encourage each other more & not be afraid to go outside themselves. Nobody does parenting perfect, but if we do our very best, God can help with the rest. And for those out there who are not parents but hope to be someday (whether you are waiting for marriage or for a miracle) I wish you the very best!!! And also being a mother to a child, does not mean they have to be your own flesh & blood.

Night all!

-M&M Momma

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  1. You're so right, I can think of many friends who's outlooks have dramatically changed after having kids. I've also heard that people with a healthy marriage and kids very often outperform singles in school, work, athletics, and more because they're responsible for and motivated by more than themselves. I think it's your intentions and efforts that mean the most to your family and God, not whether or not your perfect. Both God and your family see your heart and will forgive anything else. I like your ending sentence saying, "...being a mother to a child, does not mean they have to be your own flesh & blood." I know you have lots of amazing people in your life who help you out, and for those who are unable to have kids, that one sentence could completely change their lives.