Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just When I Thought I Couldn't Laugh Any Harder...

Its official, Austin is rolling with the big dogs now! She is only 7 months old, but she will roll, scoot, dive, or whatever it takes to keep up with her big sisters. Boy, do they love her back just the same! It is the sweetest thing to watch this lil' A-Team of my interact from day to day. I feel so privileged to be a SAHM. You put those 3 lil' characters in a playroom together & Austin will play right alongside them. She is so busy & joyful too as she gets into absolutely everything.

Well, tonight was movie night & I laid Austin down in the living room where the girls were just for a second so I could make her a quick bottle to drink & then bedtime. Suddenly, I hear ALL 3 lil' girls chuckling sooo hard. I quickly rushed back in the room to see what they could possibly be up to. Well, let me 1st just set the scene, the way I left it anyway. The older girls had a large blanket on the floor that they were laying on, they each had a pillow, they each had a smaller blanket to cover themselves, & an educational video playing on the television. Well, when I reentered the room. There was Asher laughing & running as fast as she could with the big blanket dragging behind her. Aidann was jumping up & down shouting "Go! Go! Go!". Where was Austin you might ask? Hanging on the end of the blanket for dear life as Asher dragged it around & around like some sleigh ride or something. The funny thing, Austin was laughing the hardest out of everyone involved. You know for a quick second I contemplated running to get the video camera to capture the cutest moment ever for all of you to enjoy, but that would have been teetering on irresponsible. Could you imagine, "Keep going girls! Hold on, Austin. Don't let go, mommy will be back in just a second". Lol....

I love this life. If it is true what they say about laughter being better than medicine, then I am officially set for life!!!

-M&M Momma

I'm a big kid now!

Yay Me!!!

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