Friday, July 8, 2011


So, Blogger has been having issues with the TABS option on their blogs-Hence the lack of updates! SO instead I will post an addition to "Fun 4 Lil' Ones" right here on my main page for tonight.
Sponge Painting:

Your child will absolutely love this one! If you are lucky enough to find sponge already cut into shapes for you then definitely go for it ( I happened upon some shaped like various modes of transportation)! Otherwise, go to the dollar store and simply cut your average every day kitchen sponges into shapes. Then all you need it paper plates (to keep paint on), paint (washable ALWAYS!), & paper. I personally also like to use art aprons to minimize the mess.

You can first model how to sponge paint for your lil' one by 1st dipping the sponge into the paint you have squirted out onto the plate & then printing in on a blank paper. Your toddler will catch on quickly. Remind them not to eat it & have fun! lol.

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