Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Celebrating Differences!

 Yesterday Jay & I decided to stop at the mall while we were over on that side of town. The girls really enjoy looking at the stores & I enjoy the air conditioned exercise while also enjoying great retail. Well, we finally made it to the Disney Store, aka "The Princess One", & decided to take a quick look inside. The girls always enjoy looking at all the pink & glittery goodness offered by the princess section, but today Asher finally noticed that Cars also inhabits this wonderful world. Suddenly she shouted at the top of her lungs, "Cars, Cars, look!!!". You could tell it took everything in her not to just tear herself out of my hands & dash over to look on her own, but she kept herself in control until we finally reached the Cars saturated section. She was overwhelmed & started dancing about, pointing at them, & singing. My husband & I both couldn't help looking at each other & smiling at the...interesting display of pure joy! I would have given anything to have my video camera at that exact moment. Lol.There were plush Cars, Duplo sets of Cars, Cars cups, Cars clothing, & so much more. She continued dancing about & pointing from thing to thing. It was such an innocent display, without any "I want's" or "give me's" that it so made me want to buy her absolutely everything! I know where we will be stocking up for birthday & Christmas time for Asher.
I think it is the coolest thing when kids start to really get a grip on what truly interests them. Asher has never even heard of Cars 2, but somewhere along the way just developed this huge interest in vehicles, trains, Cars merchandise, & building things. I probably would have steered her in the same direction as her sister who mostly prefers all things girly & pink, but where is the fun in that? It is so neat when your kids start really becoming their own separate people & their differences more & more evident. We have to celebrate it! Sometimes they move from 1 interest to another really fast & sometimes something has their total & complete dedication for years to come.
I remember babysitting this lil' boy back in my teen years who was absolutely in love with all things vacuum. Every day all he wanted to play with was toy vacuums! If you had to get some crumbs off the carpet, nothing would thrill him more than grabbing a cup of chocolate milk & getting to sit down & watch you vacuum it up lol.
I love how different my kids are, its such a wonderful thing! I don't want to make Aidann be Asher, Asher be Austin, or make Austin think she needs to be Aidann. Its not fair to do that to them! Aidann tends to be a lil' more cautious when thrown into new situations, while Asher is a lot more open to embracing it right away. And that is okay. Aidann is very good at expressing her feelings with words, while Asher sometimes requires a lil' more help navigating through how she feels & expressing it. Austin is extremely busy, loud, & outgoing & I would not have it any other way. Of course not all personality traits are acceptable (you might have to help your child work through not tending to be a morning person or being overly bossy), but in general we just need to make sure our children know we value & appreciate each and every one of them for who they are as individuals. We need to let them now how special we think it is the different things they take great interest in that either set them a part from their siblings or draw them closer together because its a shared interest.
Life is good.
-M&M Momma
A special treat & rarity-RING POPS!
Cars of course

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