Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yogurt Surprise + WWYD?

I am always looking for new & interesting snack & meal ideas for my lil toddlers & I guess today I just thought instead of putting fruit in their yogurt, why not hide gummies? Lil' did I know this would be a HUGE hit, so simple but the girls were thrilled to no end. They loved digging with their lil' spoons to try & find a gummy animal. Each time they found it they would shout out in their lil' ear piercing screams, "Look, Mommy!!!".

I was kind of thrilled with myself too for thinking of it lol. 1 thing did baffle me though. I usually read to them during snack time & I swear every time I would look up from the book it appeared as if Asher had more yogurt every time. I thought it was just me the 1st 2 times but soon realized that every time Aidann & I would get really into the story, Asher would start spooning Aidann's Yogurt Surprise into her bowl!?! Lol, so wrong & I let her know it, but inside it was so hard not to laugh & somewhat admire her genius.

Remember not all gummies are created equal, so find the most nutritional ones possible.

-M&M Momma

I can't even count how many times I have heard parents voice concerns of how hard it is to come up with 14 healthy snacks, lunches, & dinners for toddlers every 2 weeks. Once again at Gymboree this conversation was brought up again by another mommy. I gave her everything I have, but do any of you mommies out there have creative hidden treasure meals you have discovered & are still holding out on. LOL. Please do share & post below.

Enjoying Lunch

Yogurt Surprise!

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