Sunday, September 18, 2011

"The Potatoes Washed My Hair for You"

Being a mom of multiple children often requires some skilled multitasking. Well, I managed to put together a yummy lil' dinner for my girls with shredded BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, & veggies & had the come sit down to enjoy while I went upstairs with Austin for a moment to bedtime stuff all ready. As I left I called behind me, "After dinner we get to take a bath & get ready for bedtime, okay?".
After being upstairs for a matter of minutes, calling down frequently to make sure all food is making its way down the correct pipes, I returned to check on the girls. They were really enjoying their food & tearing it up quite frankly. "Good job girls, almost time for us to wash up in the bath".hat I could probably sneak off 1 last time to attend to Austin's..."gift" she had just made for me. By the time I got back, let me tell you those 2 lil' girls were covered head to toe in potatoes, literally!  Now I am convinced the reason they are called mashed potatoes is because how many unlikely places they can get mashed into. Aidann had it in her nose & down the full length of her front despite a bib & Asher somehow managed to get it not only into her actual ear holes but all through out her hair!!!
It would be 1 thing if they were down there playing around with their food, but they were literally just enjoying the that meal to the fullest extent possible-down to the last green bean! I swear I feed them. Lol. Well, I strategically guided my potato covered munchkins up the stairs (trying to avoid all touching of walls, door knobs, & carpets) with Aussie under 1 arm as we finally made it to the bathtub.
I had to show Asher, my now white frosted curly top, how she looked in the mirror. The shock was even evident on her face, "Look, Mama. My potatoes washed my hair for you!". Lil' did she know the work of washing was just about to begin. While Aidann's clean up was not too bad, I literally had Asher in & out of that tub 3 times. Every time I thought I had conquered those potatoes, they would come out of some new location I had not discovered yet. But eventually, YES I did get them clean, teeth brushed, hair combed out, & to bed!!! Take that mashed potatoes!
Well, after that lil' adventure I think my hungry lil' self & "Baby Z" (new code name for the young 1 in the belly for now) deserve some of that scrumptious dinner as well!!!
-M&M Momma

Aussie all clean,
still loving blankets/towels

Our fake feast! = No mess

Should someone tell her the
chicken is not
really edible?

Even during pretend food
these ladies insist on
napkins! lol

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