Monday, September 5, 2011

"Mommy, Where Are My Eyebrows!?!"

I hope all of you have been having a fantastic 3 day weekend, I know that I have. Today was pretty laid back since daddy had to work. We started off with a nice cup of oatmeal (a great alternative to the mess toddlers can make when oatmeal is in a large bowl), an episode of Sesame Street & then we enjoyed playing some dollhouse play. After that, I left them alone so they could play by themselves. When I went to check on them Aidann & Asher were taking their toy brooms & buckets & dragging them up & down the playroom wall. "Thank you for cleaning for me" I said. "Oh, we are not cleaning, Mommy. We are repainting these walls for you" they replied. Lol, such imaginations. Now I have "pink" walls in the front area I guess.After nap time, lunch was extra special for the girls because they got to enjoy a kids meal from Subway (Aidann's "favorite restaurant" lol). After lunch, each lil' one got to enjoy some individual play time in the their assigned play area for the day & then after an hour some 1 on 1 play with mommy. This time of special attention is so necessary, but the more children you have the more you have to work at actually making this time happen. Then we decided to drag their princess pool in the house & play! Good times.After dinner & baths it was time to brush their teeth & get everyone to bed. I had left the toothpaste in my bathroom so I left the girls for a moment in their bathroom while I went to go get it. Suddenly I heard the loudest shriek from Aidann. I ran at lightning speed, Aussie tucked under one arm & toothpaste in the other, to see what could possibly have happen in such a lil' amount of time. I turned the corner only to see Aidy on her hippo step stool grabbing her face & looking so hard into the mirror. "Mommy where are my eyebrows?! I can't find them anywhere!". I could not help but laugh. I tried to explain to her that her hair is lighter so they are harder to see. I tried to show her, but she is conviced that her eyebrows have officially left the building. I am telling you, with kids around the laughter just never stops!Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day!!!-M&M Momma

Taking a break from

Hard @ work

Sporting their
Subway meals

During individual
(Oldests love order)

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