Thursday, September 22, 2011

EDU Mini-Lesson Plan: Pairs/Same

For this lesson start off by talking with your kiddo about what a pair is (2 things that are the same) & see how many different things you can identify that come in pairs like shoes, socks, gloves, shoes, eyes, arms, ears, etc. (this opener/attention getter was found at
A great game to make sure they understand pairs/same is to take a huge pile of mismatched socks & make it a game to see how many pairs your toddler can find versus you as fast as they possibly can (it is also a great way to get the laundry done at the same time).

Memory by Milton Bradley is also a super game to solidify this lesson.

An activity to start introducing the word "different" is to take like 6 brown lunch sacks & put 2 objects inside of each, in some put the same object like 2 apples & in some of the other bags put 2 different objects. Staple all the bags closed & then set them in a line. Call over your toddler & tell them that they can pick any bag to open up & then tell you if the objects inside are the same or different. kids will love this activity because #1 they get to be independent & choose & #2 Opening up the bag will feel a lot like opening presents & we know how much they love that!

An art project that has your kids use parts of their body that are pairs is the following butterfly art activity.

Butterfly Hand Art:Have the children make butterfly hand prints by painting their palms with non-toxic paint then placing their two thumbs together and holding their fingers together and make a print. The fingers and palm will represent the wings and the thumbs will be the body... then have the children make two thumb prints for the top of the antennae.

Have the children draw a person and point out all the things on the person that come in pairs.
You could have the children make a funny face collage by cutting out facial features from magazines and gluing them onto a piece of paper.  (

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