Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Products You'll Love-Imaginarium Blocks

The last week has been nothing but blocks, blocks, & MORE blocks at our household! Imaginarium makes these super cute bricks that are actually pretty durable for being cardboard. Talk about limitless possibilities for lil' imaginations!!! We have built everything from castles, to zoo's, to a bus, & the list just goes on & on. I already have 2 packs of these ultra light brick wonders & I am already thinking about getting 2 more in the soon future. You can pick some up at Toys R' Us for $30 a set. They are absolutely  wonderful & add in a few tools & they will love to pretend they are construction workers on some big serious job. Lol. Hey, even use a big ball to be the "wrecking ball" to knock down old buildings. Guarantee a boy or girl will love!
-M&M Momma
Morning hair???

Eat before play!

The castle
Trying to get in on the action
before getting dressed I see!
Forget Bob the Builder,
Aidann is on the job!
Aidy driving the bus
Daddy-zilla helping
knock down everything
they just built
Driving the bus

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