Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lil' Ladies Update!

In addition to today being my birthday-Woowoo! It also marks my lil' Rose's 10 month birthday!!! It seems like she has been here forever. Like every mommy, I can't even remember what life was like before kids & really...Why would I even want to?
Austin is definitely growing super fast. Today when I put her down for a nap, when I started to walk ". away she yelled back "Night night". Of course I thought my ears had to be deceiving me so I walked back over to re-tuck her in & kiss her & sure enough she said it again!!! Now she officially can wave, say "dada", "mama", "more", "dank do (thank you)" & "night, night". She can stand for a good 3 seconds but not walking yet thank goodness. I am not ready for my baby to walk yet! She can self-feed a few of the more simple things. She still has zero teeth despite being 10 months & aside from a ton of drool there is no sign they are coming any time soon. She is still obsessed with blankets, I will have to record her crazy behavior when she gets around blankets for you all. She crawls quick as lightning & pulls up on anything, everything, & everyone. She is still just a pure joy & the easiest baby ever & has no problem hanging with the big girls (aka sisters).
Aidann just warmed my lil' heart the other morning when I walked in our her making her own bed & she had already cleaned up the whole room herself. So sweet when kids do things are their own accord & you can really just tell they are growing up. Tear... This tender-hearted toddler has really gotten down what is expected of her & is just a tremendous big sister! As far as school goes she is really thriving with colors, shapes, letters, money, numbers, counting, art projects, & etc. 1 day I had to go somewhere during our designated school time so I told her we were not going to be able to do school that morning & she actually started crying. I guess that is a good thing she loves school so much. She enjoys singing, pretending, & is really just growing up too fast. The baby fat has almost completely disappeared sadly!!! She loves putting things in lines & patterns, some people say it is an oldest trait. She will also be a flower girl this upcoming November & she practices constantly & takes this job very seriously. Lol. She is still obsessed with birthdays & birthday cake & will be turning 3 next month on the 12th!!!! She always wants to keep everyone from our family together & is like a lil' mommy just taking care of everyone & so sensitive to other people's feelings.
Asher is just a lil' spit fire that keeps you constantly laughing. She is so full of energy & a love for life. She is constantly singing, dancing, & jumping around. Some people call her mini-me, but I don't know. She also adores school & really thrives when it comes to puzzles & other meticulous things. She loves to "read" & be read to. She is still really into cars, Cars, & things that you can build with. She loves coloring & messing with stickers. She is pretty much potty trained now. She is always in panties at home & just this week I finally got up the courage to take her out in public without her diaper. She went the whole day without an accident! Gosh, kids grow up so fast & are babies for just a second. I love my lil' skinny mini & I am so proud of all her many accomplishments. She is also a great big sister & so loving! October 21st she will be turning 2 already! She finally almost has all of her teeth, she didn't even start getting them until 13 or 14 months old?!
Well, I think that is just about everything until the next update!
-M&M Momma
With Papa
What a big sister!
How I roll

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