Monday, May 2, 2011

Stuck in the Stool & The Panties Mystery

So, the girls had just barely woken up & eaten the breakfast. I put them in 1 of their playrooms so I could clean up the getaway Cheerios when I suddenly heard "HELP! Mommy, I am stuck here!". Now before you look at the picture & say "Dang, what a mean mommy making her stay stuck in the legs of the IKEA stool while she runs to get the camera", you have to know that my camera permanently lives on my arm. It took a few tugs, but I got her loose & she started laughing about it...?!

So, we put Aidann & Asher in playroom. At 1 point Aidann shouted that she had gone potty & needed to be wiped. I cleaned her up & then told her to put her panties back on. "I don't know", she said. We searched the playroom & all around but we could not locate her panties! Therefore, the Panties Mystery began. All day I kept my eyes open for those things, but no luck. After lunch I took off Asher's shirt & pants because she was so messy with her organic mac & cheese only to find-THE PANTIES! She one of the leg holes of the panties around her lil' waste like a belt. Mystery finally solved!!!

These kids crack me up!

-M&M Momma

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