Saturday, May 28, 2011


So, I think PREPARATION is a very important. It is yet another necessary key in raising up secure & well-adjusted toddlers/kids. Its during these early years they in the beginning stages of learning to cope with disappointment, not always getting their way, being patient, & all of that other good stuff that they sometimes have the tendency to be somewhat dramatic about. If we do our best as parents to incorporate "preparation" where ever possible, we can make pushing through these other new things a lot easier on everyone. Helping to raise our kids emotional quotient (handle their emotions/ability to deal) by preparing them ahead of time just requires a lil' extra effort & creativity sometimes.
For example, just recently 1 of my daughters had to have surgery. About a month before my husband & I at least twice a day began to explain to her (in kid friendly language of course, you don't have to get all graphic) the process of what was going to happen to her & when she woke up how mommy & daddy would be right there to hold her. By the time the day of the surgery arrived, she handled the whole thing like a champion & was not afraid because she kind of already had an idea what to expect & knew the surgery was necessary. This story is of course on the extreme side of preparing your kid, but you can also do lil' things like giving them a 10 & then 5 minute warning before it is going to be time to leave the park or a friend's house. Over time this lil' effort on your behalf will help your toddler learn to deal & understand it is not the end of the world & as you continue to do this I am telling you that the likelihood of crying or trying to throw a tantrum will become more & more rare. Say you are letting your kid eat cookies, it just takes that lil' extra effort to tell them, "Now this is your last 1, ok? Again, you are helping them to learn how to cope.

Well, we leave Tuesday & I am so excited to see their reactions to the ocean & all the other California adventures that lay ahead next week!

-M&M Momma

The train had a loud "Choo Choo"
She LOVED the water fun!
With Papa & Mema

I am in LOVE
My Goofballs!

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