Thursday, May 19, 2011

Routines With Purpose!

Routines are so important, dare I even say vital, when raising lil' ones. It just makes it easier on all parties involved. BUT we need to make sure we don't just fall into routines, but instead create routines with purpose & intention.

Kids desire consistency & when they have a schedule set in place that is followed daily that they can depend on, its creates a confidence & security in them that can't be matched. Its very easy to just go day to day in survival mode & just do the bear minimum it takes to get through in 1 piece, but when you really take the time to create a routine that is both productive & flows smoothly it will really create a happy home for all.
It is obvious that your kids may have "off days" that might require you to rearrange the schedule around a little bit because maybe they need extra one on one time or you have an event you need to attend, but if you are consistent to following your routine most of the time, then these temporary change won't completely rock their world. As a mom, or dad, you also know your kids really well & when you see something not working or just a need to change things around as your kiddos mature-Then do it!
I'll post my girls' routines tomorrow if you need any ideas. Well, take care & remember ROUTINES WITH PURPOSE. :) We can do it!!!

-M&M Momma

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