Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hair, Ewww!

Today we woke up late for Gymboree, a half an hour before we were supposed to be out the door. The place is so far & with traffic being so unpredictable at times, every single second counts. Fortunately, my husband was with us this morning & we immediately snapped into tag team mode. In approximately 25 minutes we had all kids dressed, fed, ourselves ready, diaper bags packed (we roll with 3 these days),  bottles made, potty breaks completed, & everything was loaded up in the car & we were pulling out of the driveway. I was just amazed! I guess that's what comes with practicing it day in & day out, when crunch time comes all the hard work you have put in comes shining through.

Anyway, it approximately 8:30 in the morning or so & we were all still kind of in wake up mode when suddenly Aidann start yelling so high pitched that I felt like I had just been given the ultimate shot of caffeine! I whipped around sooo fast in my chair to see what could possibly be the matter. "Hair, hair! Get it off please, MOMMY!!!". She was desperately grabbing at her arm hair literally trying to rip it out lol. She is extremely fair skinned & has that really blonde body hair so I guess she never noticed it before until just now as the sun was hitting it, making it "glow". It took me a lil' while, but I soon got her to forget about the hair.

She absolutely has this thing against hair. When she finds 1 of her lil' sister's curly hairs swimming around in the bathtub, she tries to put it back into Asher's head-"Gross. Stop letting go of your hair, Ashy". We will definitely get past this stage, but until then.....

-M&M Momma


Waiting patiently at Gymboree

Watching Asher's class

Telling her
teacher what she
bought at the pretend

Playing store at Gymboree
Buying her food.

Loving it!

Does it get any more cute for lil' girls?

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