Monday, May 16, 2011

Be All You Can Be (Not Just in the Army)

Usually when you thinking of setting goals, our minds automatically turn to New Years. Weight loss goals, gym memberships, diets, & other goals that we set for ourselves that last for approximately 1 month until we totally forget about them & get overcome by life. Well, setting goals should be taken more seriously not only for ourselves but also for our families. We can set a good example for our children by setting long term & short term goals for ourselves they we intend to keep. Its a great idea to type them up & keep them somewhere before us (like the fridge) so we can constantly be remind ourselves to keep working towards them (ex. a weight-loss goal, exercise goal, parenting goal, etc). It is also a great idea to set goals for your family as a whole, again keeping them out where everyone can see them & be reminded about what they are striving towards (ex. having more family time, cleaning as a family after dinner, do movie night once a month, etc). You can get your kids involved in the goal setting process & keeping faithful to communicate to them the importance of reaching for their dreams, determination, etc.We also like to set individual goals in our family (short term & long term), even for Austin (like crawling, talking, drinking from a sippy cup, etc). Not only is it important for our kids to see us as parents trying to improve ourselves, but we can also help teach our children from a very early age to have that same passion to "be all they can be". For Aidann & Asher we set their short term goals for 3 month spans of time & the long term goals for about a year. We write them out with the girls & post them where they can see. We try to remind the girls of what their goals are periodically & you can help talk with them about how they can take steps towards reaching their goals. Obviously, younger children's goals are going to be less in depth (etc. Stop whining when its nap time, give up the pacifier, learn make my bed, etc.). Once the 3 months are over, review the goals & cross off the ones that were successfully accomplished. Any goals that were not completed can be added to the newly revamped list.
Austin learning 2 sit up-
Goal accomplished!
Goal setting is such an important key to success. We should constantly strive towards improving ourselves & teaching our kids to want the same for themselves.

-M&M Momma

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