Friday, August 12, 2011

Daddy's Our King!

My husband has got to feel like the greatest dad in the world. It is so cute, every time my daughters see a really buff masculine toy they say, "Look, it's Dada!". Firefighter, robot, solider, it does not matter because its all daddy to them. The other night Aidann was saying how her and her sisters were princesses & I was a really big princess & daddy was our king! lol.

It is such a huge honor to be a father or the primary male figure in a young child's life. Not just an honor but also a HUGE responsibility that should definitely not be taken lightly. A young girl is going to look up to that male figure as a blueprint for how she should allow men to treat her in the future & the husband she will eventually marry. A young boy is going to look up to that male role model to see how he should act (the way he talks, treats women, his work ethic, etc), most likely he is going to grow up to be just like him good or bad.

I have heard many mothers complain how their husbands are not involved & do not really participate in the different tasks required in raising kids (i.e. diaper changing, discipline, etc). As hard as it sounds, just keep believing its going to turn around. Let him know how much it would help you out if he could help out just a lil' bit more with this or that & how much it would benefit you. Also, be careful how you communicate this. The tone of your voice is key, not nagging or screaming. Its up to him how he chooses respond from there. Be sure you always praise him for what he does do to help out, however small it may be. Sometimes it may take baby steps to get there, but with men words go a long way. You keep lifting him up & encouraging him & he will want to do more. Be patient with him. We are definitely 2 different breeds.

The male role model is so important to have in a child's life. While the actual father being there is not always possible or the most ideal, there are grandpas, uncles, teachers, church members, or family friends that often are willing to step up & step in there.

-M&M Momma


Gotta love hot AZ lol

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