Monday, August 15, 2011

Ice Cream Truck!

For a few days now my lil' toddlers have heard the faint music of the ice cream truck every afternoon at around 5pm. The concept of an ice cream truck was somewhat foreign to them, so today I decided to show them what it was all about. They were so excited when they learned that an ice cream truck represented endless flavors, shapes, & sizes of 1 of their favorite luxuries (minus birthday cake) that drove right to their house!?! At 1st a lil' overwhelmed by the numerous options, Aidann eventually settled on Dora (I think because it is a lil' girl like her but looks like her sisters lol), while Asher went straight for Shrek.

It was the cutest thing ever to watch them pay the man, their lil' faces light up as I ripped open their lil' packages, the pure joy as they sunk their teeth into the ice cream, & then their faces as they winced from the total brain freeze. Asher stayed true to her personality & finished that bad boy in 2 minutes flat, while Aidann took her time & ate it just like a lil' lady while the disagreeable sun made it melt all over her legs in the mean time.

The littlest things can just amaze lil' kids, it really doesn't take much. My heart was positively filled with joy today as I got to watch my lil' girls throughly enjoy getting ice cream from the ice cream truck for the first time. These ladies are the greatest joy of my life & every day I am so thankful I get to spend it with them. Tear...

-M&M Momma

Head, gone!

Brain freeze!


Ice cream kisses anyone?


Gone :(

Its gone already!?!?!


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  1. That is totaly cute Sarah! You girls are beautiful :)