Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hairy Situations

I think I have touched on it before, my oldest daughter's great dislike for hair. Ever since she noticed she had hair permanently attached to her arms, she has been absolutely disgusted lol. Every time a piece of hair gets stuck to her fingers, even if its her own, she has to stop everything until the situation is resolved. If any of her hair falls out in the bathtub, she will say "Ahhh! My hair come out, please get it back in!". Its actually kind of funny to watch lol.

Well, recently I have noticed a new thing with Asher too. We were all playing in the front playroom when I thought she kept running up to me to give me a sweet hugs. Then she would run & "hug" Aidann, Austin, daddy, & then run back to me. After like her 3 round, I noticed she wasn't running up to actually hug us but feel our hair! Lol. Thinking back now, I realize she has been doing this for awhile now. She is also obsessed with brushing her hair. That would be all fine & dandy for most kids, but not when you have beautiful, curly, & thick hair like Asher. Once that comb goes in, good luck getting it back out lol. Despite how many times that thing has got stuck in there, she still continues to obsess about wanting to brush through her own hair-lol!

Hilarious, I have 1 kid who just loves her & the other kiddo...Not so much. :) Good times....

-M&M Momma

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