Thursday, August 18, 2011

Odd Sleeping Habits

If you have been reading for awhile then I am sure you have experienced the absolute craziness of Asher's sleeping habits (sleeping while standing, under the dresser, completely covered by the blanket from top to bottom, book over the face, while eating her dinner & the list goes on). Well, my girls have a few other odd habits that have just popped up. Asher & Aidann do not like to sleep in their own beds, they like to sleep in each others!? Aidann sleeps in Asher's bed while Asher insists in sleeping in Aidann's bed. Its so odd. When Asher gets into bed (stuffed animals beware) she wants nothing extra on her bed (blanket & pillow only). She pushes everything off the bed as she politely states "No thank you". Now Aidann does not like to sleep in the normal position, she sleeps with her head where her feet should be & her feet where her head should be. It doesn't even matter if you reposition her in the middle of the night because by the time morning comes she magically turns right back around. Aidann also likes to sleep with 2 blankets, summer or not!? Sweat could be dripping down her forehead yet she would still request the 1 blanket too many. Lol, it makes me laugh. Then there is lil' Aussie. She has to sleep with something in her hands, simply, has to! Usually she will reach for one of her lil' rattles in her crib & then fall asleep. Then in the middle of the night, in her sleep, she will randomly start shaking the thing for like 5-10 minutes & then suddenly just stop. Craziness I am telling. The PM is always full of interesting things at our house I tell you what.  :)-M&M Momma

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