Monday, August 29, 2011

NEW Product You'll Love

This product is so adorable & handy! You can snatch a great quality 1 up at Target. Toddlers love a lil' independence so why not let them start off the day with the honor of choosing their own cereal! This double cereal dispenser eliminates a lot of the mess that toddlers can make by pouring breakfast from a giant cereal box. I simply pick up 2 organic cereals from the grocery store every week, dump it in, & then when its time to have a cereal breakfast during the week, I let the girls stand on their stool with their lil' bowl & turn the knob of the cereal of their choosing. When they get to the table with their bowl, I put a lil' milk in a plastic saucer for them to pour indepently into their bowl. WARNING: It is probably best to put just enough milk for 1 bowl at a time in case they just dump the whole thing in their bowl or miss! lol. This is a great product that my kids & I love!
-M&M Momma

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