Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fun 4 Lil' Ones- Themed Lunches/Snacks

Themed Lunches:

What are you focusing on teaching your lil' one? Numbers, colors, or shapes? Well, a great way to drive home topics is by using food! If your child is learning about circles for the week, then why not set aside a day where there whole lunch is circles? My friend, Pam, cut some hot dogs (nitrate free of course) & light string cheese cut and cut them into circles. She also added some grapes to complete the circle themed lunch. The ideas are endless with this one! If your child is focusing on a certain number, 3 for example, then make sure that there is 3 of everyhting on their plate. Maybe cut a sandwich into 3 pieces, 3 crackers, 3 carrots, etc. Color themed lunches can also be a blast! Maybe if you are focusing on orange you could serve a glass of orange juice, orange fruit slices, American cheese, etc. Make sure you are able to take the time to walk them through their lil' snack or lunch to ensure they understand the point you are trying to drive home! Be creative & enjoy!

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