Friday, November 30, 2012

A Cute Christmas Idea 4 the Hubby!

While messing around on Pinterest last night, I came across 1 of the sweetest Christmas traditions I have seen in awhile that you can do for your hubby called, "The 12 Days of Christmas". Starting December 13th, you leave a surprise wrapped for your honey, 1 thing. Just a lil' something he likes that lets him know you were thinking about him. For "Super Daddy" this would probably be something like a can of raviolis, a guitar pick, or something like that. For the next day, you leave him another wrapped surprise with 2 of something inside, think of things that come in pairs (ex. Shoes, socks, slippers, etc). You continue this every day, increasing the amount of the item every time, until its Christmas! It doesn't have to be crazy expensive items, just lil' thoughtful things. You can do it & get a lil' creative. Its not corny, its being thoughtful & going that extra mile during a time where our relationships can sometimes get a lil' shadowed by the kiddos & others. I am definitely trying this surprise this year for "J" (So, if you know him then you better not tell!-lol), but I thought I should share with the other wifey's who might want to try it out too.

Idea Source: On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me


-M&M Momma

Making puppet turkeys

Cleaning up the glitter she spilled,
"Sorry, Momma. I got it!"

Checking out the new outlet mall

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!

Thanksgiving breakfast.
They wanted us all to sit at the lil' table

Good times!

Making their "Always Something
to be Grateful For" craft.
A new tradition!
Craft Details

A special treat

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