Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Austin's 2nd Birthday, The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Wake up, its party time!

The theme, The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

The invitation, added a magnet to the
back for convenience :)

This cute lil' guy was
made by
"Kuddles & Kritters"

Its all in the details.
Decorated the cabinets, glass door to outside,
and the microwave!

Before food....

"He ate a lollipop..."

Made for the birthday with LOVE
This is before it was finished,
but it was a game where they tossed "food" into the
caterpillar's mouth!

The bday girl's spot!

The favors!

All clean and ready for the fun!

A lil' more decoration by the drink display

The door decor

Bugs were hidden all around the party.
If the kiddos returned one to the "lost & found"
they received a tasty prize!
Had our guests sign the actual book with a message for Aussie!

Our birthday girl!

The prizes for the bug hunt,
Sixlet caterpillars!

We watched an animated read of the classic story

My decorating buddy went down for the count around 1am (Super Daddy too),
solo it is :)

One of the crafts, make a caterpillar bookmark using your fingerprints

Another craft, decorate your on caterpillar


The sisters :)

This lil' caterpillar was ready to eat!

Every-buggy sported antennas-LOVED!

Pizza anyone?
(It represented the meats and cheese from the story)

I am SO not a coffee drinker,
but after a 1/2 hr of sleep I
definitely made an exception!
Thx, Baby!

Craft fun!

Made by grandma!

Guests signed the actual book with
sweet messages for the birthday girl!

Since this story revolves around food,
it was a very tasty menu!


They watched the VHC on television, so cute!


They colored their VHC place mats between bites

She was so excited for her cake
and delighted everyone sang!


All the kids loved the cupcake in the cone


We got reusable VHC bags as favors and for pinata
candy collecting. Kids loved it and I definitely recommend it!


Candy collecting!



She loved putting her gifts in her wagon
after opening them!

So happy to see some "hot dog"
stuff, lol.

Cheesing with all
of the wonderful guests who
made it out!

She was one happy lady!

What a wonderful day and so many
GREAT people in our lives!



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