Saturday, November 24, 2012

Family Traditions-Priceless!

So, apparently there is a "picture quota" on here that I have maxed out-go figure-so until I figure out how to overcome this obstacle my next 1 or 2 posts will sadly be a lil' on the bare side. Anyway, can't let that stop me.

We should have traditions incorporated into our family lives all year long. Fun things that set our families apart from others that bring everyone closer, traditions that our kids will remember fondly all the way into their adult years & hopefully carry on! A recent lil' thing we started doing in our family, that the ladies absolutely adore, is that every time we go grocery shopping they each can select 1 fruit or vegetable from the produce department. Sometimes they feel really daring & try something new & then other times they like to go with the every day banana or pear. This may seem like a small thing, but to the girls it is something great that we all have fun doing together. When they ask me the names of some of the more "odd" products, we all have fun laughing over some of the names. Their faces can be pretty priceless when they get home & try their selection too. Austin & lemons= priceless face! We have other things we like to do in our family like movie night Friday where me make a pizza, have a surprise dessert, & every week someone new gets to pick the movie. Taco Tuesday is also simple, but fun! I also enjoy our nightly snuggles after bath time where we get to unwind & read a book together or a new issue of "High Five" magazine. I also adore our "Banana Store/Red Store" strolls weekly after ballet practice. A new tradition I came up with this year (I mentioned in a previous post) is that I am making each kid a birthday album (pics from birth and then each birthday after) & every time they have a birthday I will add the new pictures to the album & a lil' info about what they were like & "into" at that time. These are memories made & special things that I will NEVER forget & I hope that my ladies won't either. Priceless!

The holiday season is also obviously a wonderful time to keep old family traditions going, but also create new ones. This year, I have discovered a few new traditions that I thought I would try out & share. Via Pinterest I found a tradition where you wrap 25 books (a mix of old & new) & every night your kiddo gets to unwrap 1 before bed that you can all read as a family. This year, in addition to the new pjs we always do on Christmas eve, I am going to have the ladies also unwrap a new sleeping bag, pillow pet, & flashlight & we all can camp out on the floor. I want to also surprise them with the fun surprise addition of glow in the dark stars that I will stealthily put up on the ceiling during the day! A Christmas tradition between my husband & I is that every year we good on the hunt to find a special ornament for each other & put it in the other's stocking. It can be something funny, sentimental, an inside joke, or whatever. For example, J actually found a pickle ornament! I guess it reminds him of me pregnant (aka the last 4 years of our relationship lol).

There are SO many other awesome Christmas traditions out there if you look. is a great place to start. There's 25 RAK, make your own advent calendar, crafts, & so much more. Some other great sites with ideas that I came across were Family Christmas Traditions-Family With Purpose & Top-ten-christmas-traditions.

For me, I love to use to use this time to bring my family closer together, help my kiddos learn that its not all about them & focusing on others, & the true reason for the season. Traditions are a wonderful way to help facilitate all these things.

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend & hopefully I will post pictures soon :( lol

-M&M Momma

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