Friday, November 16, 2012

Celebrating Austin, She is 2!

Austin's choice in breakfast
& her special Tummy Tickler juice surprise!

Working on blowing out her candle


Opening a few more gifts before
heading out on a
birthday adventure!

First we had to hit up one of our
favorite spots, "The Red Store" ("Banana Store" inside),
to spend some gift cards.
Our favorite "Banana Store" lady hooked
Aussie up with some coffee cake.
She was overjoyed!

Then it was on to the toy store.
The balloon thrilled her & she would
not stop dancing with it & singing...

Aussie found her long lost twin,
"Boo" from Monsters Inc

Austin's absolute favorite section of the store

A breakdancing Mickey....Really?

Mall time!

Someone was excited about their Disney Store purchase
& their special birthday name tag & prize

Checking out the doggies

Aussie's candy store selection.
She could have chosen huge candy bars,
toy candy, gummies, but
she so wanted this simple
tootsie pop.

SO happy & pleased with herself

We saved the Hungry Catepillar head for this moment

Aussie wanted her 2 birthday flowers next to her
big sister's 3 purple ones.
We wanted to give them roses,
but whatever floats their boats lol

Trying out her new "Hot Dog" aka Minnie Mouse

Another day, baking their sister a cake

Umm..Isn't that for the cake?

Out of every birthday gift this singing card
definitely Weeks later she still carries this torn,
water damaged, card around.

Made twith love by the "A TEAM"

So excited!

On her actual birthday she chose
to wear a her new Minnie Mouse dress, jewelry,
ears, & light up "Hot Dog" shoes lol

She was concerned her balloon was going to fly up
to our ceiling (even though it was tied down)

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