Monday, November 19, 2012

Learning 2 Take a Compliment

As women, what is the first thing we tend to do when someone gives us a compliment? "Thanks, but....". Sometimes I think we need to learn how to just hold our tongues & receive what the person is saying whether we believe it yet or not. Its not us "just being humble" either. One day a person might comment "Oh, you look so thin!" & instead of being confident in ourselves & just giving them a nice "thank you" we tend to accompany it with a "Not really" or "I don't feel like it". Or maybe someone compliments an outfit we are wearing, but instead of just receiving it we cloud the compliment by saying something like "Really? This old thing".

If we want to make the necessary steps towards improving the image we have of ourselves, then 1 of the first things we have to do is train ourselves to embrace the kind words people say about us. Sometimes that means "faking it until you make it (aka believe it)!". It may be a lil' bit of a struggle at first because negativity is SO MUCH easier than keeping it positive, but it is not impossible. You may not necessarily believe the words someone is telling you at first (ex. I don't think I am that pretty), but with practice the view you have of yours (ex. You are so beautiful), but learning to take the compliment in & stop yourself after the "thank you" is a step in the right direction. Words are powerful things, so use them wisely! Not only speak positive words about yourself, but receive it when someone else throws some nice words in your direction as well. Hey, myself included. :)

-M&M Momma

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