Saturday, November 17, 2012

Products You'll Love- "Indestructibles" Books

If you are a mommy or a daddy then you probably have experienced the frustration of books being ripped. My ladies are so sweet, gentle, & absolutely love books, but they have even had their "Oops! Sorry, Mama!" days where they get a lil' too enthusiastic about turning a page or accidentally spill something on them. Well, a friend recommend this awesome new product, created by a parent of course. Introducing "Indestructible Books"! They can be bent, drooled on, & can be read over & over again without any wear or tear! It is so important to expose kiddos to literature as early as possible, so I think this is an awesome solution to many of the potential problems board books or paper books sometimes present. Let your kiddo feel independent & handle these books to their lil' hearts' content!

-M&M Momma

Workman Indestructible Book

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