Friday, October 12, 2012

2 Grandmother's House We Go...& to Disney Princesses on Ice!!!

Since the 3 oldest girls are all right next to each other, we thought it would be fun to plan a big event to kick the celebration of all 3 of there birthdays! "Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream" was coming to a city about 2 hrs a way (near their Great Grammie) so we decided to make a trip out of it. We had taken the 2 oldest girls a few years back, so I was especially excited to see how Aussie Rose was going to like it. Aidann made me laugh a few times when she would yell at some of the characters, "Make good choices". At one point she even whispered to me, "Mommy, I can see their panties when they spin"-lol. Asher was pretty serious the whole time, taking it all in, but from time to time she would wave at the princesses & ask me if they saw her or heard her. Austin liked to clap along with the songs like Aidann, but her favorite part was definitely getting to see "Hot Dog" (Minnie or Mickey). The whole thing was lil' girl fabulous & they also had a wonderful time at their grandma's! The highlights of the
-M&M Momma

Playing while mommy packs!

About to hit the road!

Being silly at Grammie's

Adley's famous "Say What?" face

Homemade applesauce? Yes, PLEASE!

My princesses are all ready
2 go!

2 Belles & 2 Cinderellas

1st, a royal feast!

Finally after searching the Disney Store,
Disneyland, & online we found
a Tiana short for our lil' Asher!!!

The ice :)

Princess Aussie

Austin's favorites, Minie and Mickey
Aka: "Hot Dog" lol

Clapping along

Princess Tiana

Our lil' family

So happy with her new shirt!!!

The "Tangled" part of the show was
Amazing stunts.
The kiddos were in total "awe"

Adley was tuckered out

Rosie pointing at her favorite "hot dogs"

Great finale!

Asher's favorite princess!!!

Made all out of Duplos!
My lil' builder loved it (Asher)!
The next morning

Yummy breakfast!

Playing at Grammie's
before hitting the road!

Had to stop for the renowned Eegee's slushie

Girlies loved the strawberry goodness

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