Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Asher!

Aidy & Ashy may have shared a birthday party this year, but their actual birthday is all about them! Christmas is great, but we try to use that time to help the girls focus on others, so birthday's are the time for big adventures & fun gifts!
There are a couple of traditions that we do every single birthday to help celebrate, but we also love adding in new things to mix it up! I will try to post Aidann's tomorrow (although her birthday was technically 1st, so many pics). Hope you enjoy & thank you to everyone who helps to make the ladies' birthdays so great every year!
-M&M Momma

For the girls birthday, they can have anything they want for breakfast.
Asher's request this year was oatmeal with Curious George gummies
(She is crazy for monkeys lol) 

They also get a Belly Washer with a
special surprise character.
Oh what to get our Ashy?

Blowing out her candle

Why "Goodmorning" my lil' sleepyheads!

A surprise picked out by her sisters

On their birthday, they get to wear what they want
(within reason, lol)
Asher selected some Princess Jasmin attire
because she had already worn her
 Princess Tiana shirt the week before

All ready for church
Asher wanted to hand out "Cars McQueen" gummies
to her friends
Asher requested "Purple Robin" after church.
She renamed it with her fav color lol

Aid & Ash asked to try a lemon.
Their faces say it all, lol!

They were singing to Ash!

Trying to eat her cherry...and the stem!


How funny, they happened to get them
 all balloons in their favorite colors
(Ash purple, Aid pink, Aussie "lellow")

Lovin' It!


She looks sad because her Lighning McQueen
balloon flew away :(

Smiling ear to ear after visiting the "Princess Store".
Def take your kids there for their birthday
because they get crayons, a coloring page, & a cute badge
with their name!
(Disney Store)

She picked out a Snow White doll, Cars spoon & fork,
and a Princess Jasmine shirt.
She felt like such a big girl because she shopped,
paid, & everything "by herself"

The traditional trip to Fuzzy Wigs Candy Store

The birthday kid gets 1 candy of whatever they choose
& then they get to pick out chocolate Kisses for their siblings

Time for cake.
Asher's request, a purple monkey!

She got a "Cars McQueen" car!
I do not know if I have ever seen her smile
so BIG!

All the Ladies hitting the town!

When they were all finished outside...

There was a surprise waiting inside!!!

Traditional Toys R' Us trip!

Aussie SO happy with her Minnie Mouse "Hot Dog"
hat on!!!


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