Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Aidann & Asher's Beary Special Bday!

Phew, 1 party down & 1 more to go! It is a lot of work, but seeing the look on those lil' ladies' faces & the memories that were made definitely makes it all worth it every year!

The girls' Build-A-Bear party (with a "Hitty Kitty" theme) was so much FUN!!! It was so good to see all the people we love so dearly in our lives come together to help us celebrate. As soon as all name tags were on (took awhile, lol) it was time to get the party started!

Aidann immediately gravitated toward a hot pink bear, while Asher headed straight for a purple one. Rosie was definitely in high stimulation mode, but eventually settled on a golden brown bear. They ended up naming their bears "Hitty Kitty", "Asher", & "Hot Dog". After everyone had their bear, they "woke them up". It was so cute to watch them have to wiggle them, stretch them, & put them on their heads. The kiddos definitely enjoyed it & then marched to the back of the store with Aid & Ash leading the way, chanting.

Next, the kiddos did the sweetest thing where they all got 3 lil' hearts, made a wish on each 1, & then put a heart in Asher's bear, Aidann's bear, & then 1 in their own. Then it was time to take turns stuffing their bears! It was great seeing each kids reaction to the whole process as they stepped on the pedal & got to push the buttons. The kids that were waiting were entertained with games like "I Spy" & so forth.

Once all bears were stuffed, the next steps were bath time & getting dressed. They had the cutest selection of shirts, even the boys got some pretty cool ones. I let my girls have free reign of the store because it was their birthday. They surprisingly were not as overwhelmed as I felt from all the possible selections. Aidann immediately picked a cute white dress lined with purple & pink along with some adorable diamond adorned pink heals. As soon as Asher found some "Cars" pjs, her mind was made up! She also got some cute "Cars" slippers that were just like hers at home (Thrilled her to no end!) & a matching sleeping bag with a pillow. Austin's aunt wanted to get her bear a lil' something too & of course she was immediately drawn to a cute lil' "Hot Dog" dress & some pink ballet shoes.

After all bears were decked out & ready to go home, we got to get a group picture, pass out birth certificates, tuck the new bear buddies away in their boxes, & give everyone their "thank you" cupcakes & "Hitty Kitty" favor bags. Everyone loved the "Hitty Kitty" rings on the cupcakes (especially the daddies-lol), but of course we snuck in a few "Cars" ones for Asher & the other Lightning McQueen lovers.

Overall, it was a wonderful day that the girlies will never forget!!! I can't believe Aidann has already been with us 4 years & Asher 3 years! We are so blessed to have these kiddos in our life. They have changed SO much-their interests, vocabularies, opinions, & so much more! Well, 1 more party down & tons more to come. Aidann has done Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, Disney Princess/Cars, & "Hitty Kitty". Asher has done Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess/Cars, & now "Hitty Kitty". I can only imagine what is next, but down for the challenge :) Love you, Ladies!

-M&M Momma

Aidann's 1st

Aidann's 2nd

Asher's 1st

Aidann & Asher's 2nd & 3rd

Aidann & Asher's 3rd and 2nd

Church 1st, party 2nd-Yay!

Cupcake favors!

A hint of cars

Outfits are ready to go!

Austin is getting her
Hitty Kitty on too!

Tutus & shirts, made with luv!

Lets get this party started!

Getting ready to pick
their new buddies

Naming her bear

Naming her bear, "Hot Dog" lol

Waking their bears up! :)

Bears on the head

Picking out their hearts

Washing their bears

Looking for her hearts

Bear toss!

Stuffing her bear

What a sweetie!

Continuing the stuffing frenzy!
SO fun!

That is a lot of bears!

Washing their bears

Proud of their lil' creations

They did such a great job!

With their Papa

Some of the kiddos!

"Hitty Kitty" power!


Aidy's BAB heels :)

So happy over her Cars Mac truck

Austin having fun with
her sister's "Hitty Kitty" hat

The girls were honestly thrilled over every single present.
Thank you all for putting in such thought into every single gift.
We loved having you all there!
Thank you for being a part of our lives!!!

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