Friday, October 5, 2012

"A" is for Accessory

This craziness has been brought to you today by Sesame Street & the letter "A". If you could not tell, the main word was "accessory" this morning & ever since then Ash has been singing up a storm about it! She was supposed to be cleaning her bedroom (hence toys a lil' everywhere & comforters missing lol), but in true Asher like fashion, she decided to sing a lil' tune at the same time. I had to snatch up J's phone & capture this cuteness quick!

-M&M Momma

P.S. The other highlights of our day included "Baby Yoga" with Miss Adley (and all the ladies with their dollies mimicing me lol) & then mani & pedis with the girls' favorite Minnie Mouse "Hot Dog" nail polish. Daddy also got in on the action somehow, while you were sleeping lol.

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