Thursday, October 4, 2012

Products You'll Love: Cheese & Milk (lol)

I rarely venture into Wally World (Walmart) because in my opinion Target is THE spot, but somehow I found myself roaming their aisles recently at like 12am the other night. I was not looking for anything in particular, just picking up a few random items I had forgotten from a shopping trip I had taken earlier in the day when suddenly I happened upon these cute new cheeses from Sargentos shaped like Mickey/Minnie Mouse. Now, my girls like Minnie Mouse a lot, but Austin is what you would call a fanatic! In fact, she is not even Minnie Mouse in our house anymore. Austin has now dubbed her new name as being "Hot Dog" & we have all kind of jumped on the band wagon. I knew immediately I had to purchase these adorable things. The $2.00 was nothing when I thought about the fun shrieks of pure happiness & joy my kiddos were going to engage in after seeing the cheese! I definitely recommend purchasing this product!

Another awesome product your kiddos will absolutely adore are "Magic Milk Straws". If you have not tried these yet, trust me when I say it will just "wow" & empower your lil' toddler. Just give your kiddo a glass of milk & their flavor selection of straw & they are good to go! They offer a large variety of fun flavors & they offer a pack of 6 or just single serve. The many flavors of the Got Milk? Straws consist of cocoa, vanilla, strawberry, cookies & cream, vanilla, banana, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate candy cane, wild berry, & orange cream! (Got Milk?-Where to buy).

Well, please shoot me an email if you ever find a new product you think would be fun to try :)
-M&M Momma

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