Saturday, October 20, 2012

Addie Update: Almost 6 Months Already!?

Our sweet lil' princess is not so lil' anymore. I swear this lady is growing in leaps & bounds every day, despite my constant pleading for her to stay tiny just a lil' longer.

I have tried to put off her eating baby food for as long as possible, just another sign of her growing up, but since bm is just not doing the job anymore (and she has started giving me "the eyes" every time I am eating) I finally had to give in. Last week, we started on a lil' rice cereal & she handled it like she had been eating off a spoon for years & so today we took on "the greens". This kiddo absolutely loved it. I was so proud of her, but definitely did not enjoy the results of her tasty lil' meal (gas &....interesting poops). I had almost forgotten about all that...good stuff, lol.

Addie Bear also has taken her "talking" to a whole new level. She shrieks, babbles, & giggles so loudly that she can be heard practically from the other side of the store. Well, unless she has her fingers in her mouth (a teething habit we are trying to break). She has also recently discovered that her big toe can also fit into her mouth, lol..

Rolling & scooting are definetly Addie's friends right now. You could leave her playing on her belly 1 place & then less than 5 minutes later you will find her rolling or scooting over to where she would rather be. I don't know if I have ever seen a kid that enjoys kicking so much either, lol. Every time you put shoes or socks on that girl she makes it her soul or sole (lol) mission to get those bad boys off. Bow grabbing & diaper removal are also 2 things she has tested out & although she is only 6 months old, I am already seeing some of the signs that she is beginning to know some of what is right right & wrong.

Overall though, this lil' lady is still extrememly easy going & is on a wonderful schedule (Ideal characteristics for being the 4th born). She sleeps during the other ladies' nap time & then again all through the night (thank you). She loves being in the mix of the other girls & observing every activity they are up to. The loud sounds, constant kisses & hugs, and the odd toy selections her sisters pick out for her are all things she absolutely adores. She loves being held upside down by "Super Daddy" & tossed up in the air. She is sooo fun & it is hard to remember life without her! :)

-M&M Momma

After finishing up a bath for 4, I was busy getting the other ladies dressed
 (not before 1st adding a diaper to the baby, have to be wise)
when I suddenly noticed Addie was no longer next to me on her towel.
She had rolled her way to the other side of the playroom & grabbed Aidy's balloon!
Talented I tell you!?!

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