Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Birth Story

So, after a few nights of being kept up by my lil' teether, I was very excited last night that she was out like a light. I must have been sleeping so deep because in the middle of the night when I heard small whimpers & realized it was not a dream, I shot up so fast & was totally had no clue where I was or what time it was. I looked down the hall to see who it could possibly be. There was Ashy by her doorway sitting on her potty chair dosing in & out of sleep sobbing. "What is wrong" I asked. "I am too tired to find any toilet paper" she replied in her sweet lil' east coast like accent. I could not help but smile on the inside, but quickly cleaned her & got her back into bed. "I need a lil' love to help me fall asleep again, please" she said as with her big brown eyes were still glazed over with sleep & tears. How on earth could I say "no" to that? I swept her up in my arms & started to rock her back & forth as I retold her about the day/night she was born. After a few sleepy giggles here & there over what she believed was a quite humorous story, she finally went back to sleep with a lil' smile on her face.

Kids absolutely love hearing stories about when they were "little" (Lol, she is barely 3, but you know what I mean). Every time I break out with pictures or video of any of the girls, it is only a matter of seconds before you see their lil' chests puff up & they swell with pride. The "birth stories" are my kids #1 favorite, because I make sure to let them know how badly their father & I wanted each & every one of them. 1 tradition that we do every year is everyone gathers around & we tell the story of how that child was born on their actual birthday (during their special dinner)! The more positive & funny details you can recall, the better! For me personally, I want to type those stories out & laminate it for everyone of my ladies so they can have it forever! I also am working on making a Birth-Day album for each of them (Christmas presents!) where it is going to have pictures of their actual birth day & then we will add every birthday after that!

Kids love to feel special & sharing stuff about them is a great way to facilitate that self confidence & pride. Since my girls are so close in age, that is something that I have to make sure to pay extra close attention to-Letting them shine on their own from time to time & helping them each feel special as an individual just the way they are! Its like they are all ice cream. We would be soooo bored if all we had every day was just vanilla. We are blessed to have so many different flavors, all so good & different!!!

-M&M Momma

The birth of every baby is just as
exciting and new as the last-I love it!!!
ASHY's Birth...

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