Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Aidy!

Her bday breakfast request, oatmeal with a candle!

Daddy always gets them 1 rose
for each year of life, 4!

Her special Tummy Ticker was Tinkerbell!

Glitter + Hitty Kitty= Joy!

All ready for our bday toy store visit!!!

(Lil' did Ashy know that car was in her future)

Crazy for Cinderella corner!

Our happy lil bday lady!

Her kiss from her sister

She selected a "Hitty Kitty" sucker from
Fuzzywigs Candy Store!

Enjoying the "Round and Round" at our traditional
birthday mall trip

In Ashy's Paradise, aka the Lego Store


Driving her "Hitty Kitty" car.

Got to enjoy a fun dinner with friends
and it happened to be Aidy's birthday too!
It was so much fun.



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