Saturday, August 18, 2012

3 Great Kid Mags

This Saturday, our family did 1 of our favorite lil' traditions-A stop at the "Banana Store" & then a stroll around the "Red Store". Its so nice when kids can be thrilled by the simple things. Well, after the kids inhaled their bananas & gulped down their waters we headed to the magazine section. J & I looked through our favorite magazines as usual & the ladies pretended to do the same. Well, I never really stopped to look at what kid magazines are out there. A lot of them I do not really prefer, filled with useless junk about the hottest pop stars & so forth. This time I really decided to look on the lower shelf & examine them. When I was a kid I loved getting "Highlights" in the mail. I could not wait until each new month rolled around & I got to receive a whole new magazine with my name on it!!! That magazine is a lil' too old for my kiddos but I did find 3 that I think are just right.

1) Read & Learn Friends Magazine
A lil' more of an educational magazine (less "gumball") featuring some of the younger generations favorite characters like Elmo, Max & Ruby, Curious George, & so forth. It has activities that encourage early learning skills, stories, coloring pages, recipes, games, & crafts to try! Kids can even send their own drawings in of their favorite characters in hopes of them actually being published in the magazine!

2) High-Five 2-6 yrs old

This magazine is by the same people who make "Highlights" magazine, but for younger kids. It features easy recipes & crafts to give kids self-confidence. The hidden pictures, matching games, & other puzzles boost thinking power. The online audio encourages independence & helps kids begin to read (info from site).

3) Disney Magazines 5 types, Ages Vary

Okay, so this last suggestion may not be the most "educational" but it  definitely has the potential to still thrill your kids! My girls were drawn to the Disney Princess Magazine (3-6 yrs old) the most (Asher loved the Cars one too of course!). It was somewhat "gumball", but the girls loved the stories about the princesses, puzzles, & other activities.

These magazine subscriptions can feel somewhat "expensive" if you look at the rate as a whole, but if you look at how much you are paying per magazine it does not seem as bad. If the yearly subscription is not for you, just take your kids to the store & let them pick 1 up from time to time. Make it a "special treat". :)

I am definitely going to bring the love of magazines to my lil' ladies lives!

-M&M Momma

Alphabet puzzle castle!

Playing "Pretty Pretty Princess" with Daddy!
That's a REAL man :)

Being "pretty" is hard work lol

Ready for her big girl toys!

Being big is hard work too!

Banana Store!

Enjoying her bananas

Checking out the magazines

Proudly showing their new
Curious George dvds for movie night!
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