Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Locks I Loved...

I am definitely suffering from major withdrawal right now. I took JcPenny up on their offer because I had to cut my oldest's hair pretty short (sob). My real life Goldilocks' hair was taking on a mullet looking style all its own because the top part of her hair was growing 10 times slower than the rest of it (Those blondies!). I took my baby in for a trim, but had to take a little bit more off the bottom to help the much shorter top hair catch up. The whole experience was pretty fun for her, while I was secretly sobbing inside. Asher did a great job being happy for her sister & all the attention she was receiving (NO WAY am I ready to let anyone go near her curly brown locks for a long time). Afterwards the girls asked to go say "Hi" to their buddy next door-"Chuck A. Cheese" as they like to call him. Once we paid the mouse a quick visit, my mommy-radar went off & I knew it would be a wise idea to do something a lil' special with Asher as well.

Asher had some money she had been saving for a box of fishies she really had been wanting from the "Red Store" every time we checked out. I could have easily bought her this item many times, but I wanted her to understand how sometimes we need to save for the things that we want. Well, she had just enough money so I took Asher 1 on 1 into her favorite store & let her pick out a box of fishies. She suddenly started grabbing more then 1 box off the shelf. "What are you doing?", I had to ask. "Well, I would like to make sure my sisters get to have some too". My heart officially melted at that point & I told her if that is what she wanted to spend all of her money on that would be a wonderful idea. She independently walked up to the counter, placed her fishy boxes on the conveyor belt, paid the lady, got her change, receipt, & bag & walked out the door like she owned that place. It was the cutest thing ever to see that smile on her face as she blessed her sisters. I am glad that she got to have a lil' piece of special that day too.

It is important to teach our kids to be happy for each other, but it is also good as a mommy if you can sense those times it may be a lil' much & they might need a lil' extra love & attention too sometimes. :)

-M&M Momma


No product, but still SO cute

A tad nervous

Patiently waiting

Goodbye old friend...Tear

"Chuck A. Cheese"

My Independent Lil' Thing :)

In line...

Getting ready to pay

Happy Girl!!!
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