Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ballet Class with "Hitty Kitty" on the Side

Today, Asher got to do her first ballet class. It was technically a trial class because she does not reach their age requirement. She was SO super excited & she could not stop dancing around all morning long! Once at dance class, she walked in there like a champ. She studied every command modeled by the teacher so carefully & gave every lil' move her all when it was her turn to try. As soon as she came out of class, proudly sporting her new Ariel sticker, she came up to me & said "Mommy, I am so proud of myself!". It warmed my heart to hear her say that. We definitely try to emphasize that to our kids. We do not just behave & obey to make other people happy or proud of us-that is actually setting your kids up for failure if that is their total focus-but rather have them try their best for themselves. Overall, she did do wonderful & got the teacher's seal of approval to officially start! Next step, according to Asher, purchasing her very own purple leotard-Her favorite color!!!

Since we had gone out to celebrate Aidann's 1st class & we definitely wanted to do something to celebrate Asher's great accomplishment. We tried to throw out different ideas, but that kid's heart was already set-FROZEN YOGURT!

Just recently my ladies have really gotten into Hello Kitty or "Hitty Kitty" as they like to say. I have no idea how they even know who she is, but every time now when we go through the kitchen area of the "Red Store" they get so excited that this character even has her own water machine, lol. Recently, I had heard that Yogurtland was having a Hello Kitty celebration & had decided to take the ladies down there to see. They gathered up the money they had been saving in their lil' cheetah purses & we were off! There eyes could not have gotten any brighter as we bestowed each of them with their very own "Hitty Kitty" themed yogurt bowls. They had a blast selecting various flavors & adding toppings galore & then their eyes popped open wide again when they got to get themed spoons to top everything off!

SO, I can't say it was too much for a shock for me when just barely a week later Asher JUMPED on the opportunity to go back to this frozen "Hitty Kittty Wonderland" once again.

Overall, a great day! Kids definitely grow up soooo fast & we have to do our very best to take it all in!!!

-M&M Momma

My enthusiastic toddler's 1st dance Class
Trying her best from the top of her head to the tip of her toes!

Proud of the lil' wooden
dolls they just colored

Checking out the "Hitty Kitty" yogurt
for the first time!

Chocolate milkshake, oreo, lemonade, & strawberry!

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Getting ready to go
to Asher's dance class

Surfer or ballerina?

Waiting patiently

Aidann & Asher doing a ballet march

Cheered her sisters on the whole time!

Taste testing pina colada...Not so much :(-

Asher...still dancing

Soar gummy worm smiles!

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